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Can Challenge the World in a Global Dare of Flavours?

To All Taste Experts

If you think you can identify more than 15 of our delightful flavors in one minute, blindfolded, then join the Dolato Dare!

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You can explore the unique flavors with our Dolato Dare Box and compete to gain a Guinness World Records title

Live in the big OFFICIAL ATTEMPT event on March 27th! With the official attendance of Guinness World Records representatives.

Follow the instructions below to submit your entry


Step 1

Register here to reserve your place and in the challenge.


Step 2

Record yourself tasting the flavors... BLINDFOLDED! and identifying the most flavours out of the 24 scoops in one minute.

Challenge 3 of your friends at the end of the video.


Step 3

Upload the video on facebook or instagram with the hashtag #DolatoDareBoxChallenge #DareToTaste #TasteAndTell on your page and tag @Dolatoeg

(make sure the post is public)


Step 4

Login to your account using your phone number and send us the link of your post!